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American Confusion is a visual diary that captures America’s vivid tales and sexual habit & tension within the LGBTQI community from the prospective of a young Chinese immigrant under the influence of mental disorder and late-found adolescence. Lin’s manic episodes brought anonymous sex, drugs, and unfortunate events as being robbed, stolen, homeless, and raped into his life, guided him to experience and understand the meaning of loneliness and living dynamic from the West Coast to southern Florida and how sex work and prostitution is a non-neglectful aspect of the subculture, and of him. Romantically. 


Most bodies captured were his friends, lovers, and people who came to him for sex favors. 


As American Confusion continues to expand, giving it a new meaning in the present time to see how is the community Lin first started documenting, and a glimpse of how is Lin’s mental health and his world. When Lin revisited those places and people from the images, the relationship between him and them manifested. In the images of friends dancing, kissing, and contemplating over life under sunlight or in the dark, that’ Lin’s version of self-salvation and how he sees calmness in himself. Continuing photographing the community and being guided by his inner demons leaves him vulnerable, honest. 

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